Sunday, June 29, 2014

Meet Blackberry

As you may have guessed, we now have a bunny.  Elijah and Lydia have been lobbying for a bunny for some time.  I guess I finally gave in.  Elijah bought her, and Nathaniel built a hutch for her outside.  Lydia contributed her only dollar.  Malachi and Lydia named her "Blackberry", which Elijah embraced.  And the only thing lacking was the bunny leash. 

Lydia saw a girl downtown with bunnies on leashes, and ever since she has been begging for a leash.  Nathaniel bought one for her, and she was able to try it out with her cousins this weekend.  Blackberry was not too fond of the leash at first, but now she seems pretty happy to hop around the yard on it. 

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