Wednesday, April 17, 2013


My list of blessings for today:

1. The friendly and efficient people at the county clerk's office.  I just realized that I ran out of certified copies of our marriage license.  I thought it would be a long wait and a fee to get more, but they are mailing 2 copies out for free for me today!

2. My Mama, who's picking up some more paperwork that we need for USCIS.  (government approval to adopt)

3. My husband, who has been working his butt off to rip up the carpet and get it ready so we can lay more flooring  tonight:

You can see the black area where we're laying floor next.  There is still carpet to the far left.  We're doing our room in thirds, as we are moving furniture around rather than hauling it out of the room. (And when I say we, it's mostly Nathaniel moving all that heavy furniture.  I can't budge the dressers or the bed.)  It will look great when we're done, but right now, our room is a disaster!

4. My kids, who make me smile every day, even days they drive me crazy.

5. Spring!  Sure, it's rainy today, but when I look out my window, I see bright green, and check out this tree in my front yard:

I took this picture right here at my computer desk.  This tree is what I see when I look out the window here. I thought this picture turned out especially good when you consider that it was taken through a window with a screen on it!

6. Maddie, who is coming to babysit Friday night so Nathaniel and I can go out for our anniversary!! I am so glad that I've found someone I can trust to watch the kids, plus there's that benefit of the fact that her mom is my friend and lives nearby, so if anything came up, Maddie has quick backup.

I'm feeling very blessed today.  I hope you all see God's blessings today, too!

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  1. You should get your papers today. Your tree is beautiful, our bluebells are blooming it is indeed a day full of blessings.