Sunday, April 7, 2013

Just beautiful

The weather this weekend has been just beautiful!  We've been getting some things done while still enjoying the warm sunshine.  Yesterday, we were at a historic site, where we enjoyed walking the gardens:

Do you know how hard it is to get these three to take a decent picture together?

Nathaniel started work on a tree house for the kids.  They are so excited.

And in gardening news, I've had great success with broccoli and brussel sprout seedlings, but I didn't have any tomatoes popping up.  I was seriously considering starting over, when a few days ago:

And more have sprouted since this one.  I've got a few seedlings for Better Boy, Brandywine, and Kellogg's breakfast tomatoes.  I've also got a few cherry tomatoes.   I'm so very happy!  I still will probably buy some plants at the farmer's market in May, but at least I've got some tomatoes already growing, and since I used seeds leftover from last year, they are free!

Since the squirrels attacked the strawberry plants, I transplanted a few of the broccoli seedlings into the empty strawberry beds:

I'll monitor those and see if squirrels also like broccoli plants before I decide if I'll plant more there.  I've still got most of the seedlings in the playroom.

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