Friday, April 12, 2013

Chicks and Carrots

Well, we've moved the chicks to the coop.  They were starting to get out of the box, so it was time.

Lydia loves it because it's much easier for her to catch them.  (She couldn't reach them in the box and had to have help.)

As you can see, they now have tons of space but are mainly hanging out in the far corner.

As for the hens, they are in the small yard with a new shelter.  This picture was taken before Nathaniel killed the rooster.  The hens are freaked out about not being allowed in the coop, but this yard is secure and it will only be for a couple of weeks.  

Today I was very busy sewing doll purses.  I set up my machine at the kitchen table since my room is torn apart right now.  We plan on working on the wood floors in the morning.

And lastly, I took a picture of some of our rainbow carrots.  Last year, I bought seeds for red, purple, yellow, and orange carrots.  We've been able to eat some of the orange and purple, and Elijah got the only yellow one that was ripe enough.  The purple are good, but the orange are super sweet.  

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