Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Spring is finally in evidence full force.  The hyacinths and daffodils are blooming.  Our trees are starting to bud out.  The durn squirrels ate all the tulip bulbs, so there were no tulips this year, but it is getting prettier here all the time.

All this lovely weather has me thinking about the garden.  Those broccoli plants I planted outside look great. If the squirrels haven't bothered them by this weekend, I'm going to plant some more there.  I'll have some in the garden, too, but I may as well use what space I have, since I tend to stuff the garden with tomato and pepper plants.

My seedlings in the sunroom look great.  They are growing.  I planted some basil seeds, too.  I need to plant some more seeds in pots this week, so I can get more things ready to transplant outside.  Nathaniel plans on tilling up the garden this weekend (weather depending), but I won't be planting tomatoes or peppers out just yet.  The broccoli and brussel sprouts can go on into the garden, though, and maybe a few peas or beans can be planted from seed outside.

I'm very sad to note that the large willow tree in our backyard is not turning green like all the other willows around are.  I'm afraid we've lost another one.  There were so many willows here when we bought the house, but we've lost all of the big ones now.  There are still some by the pond, and they look healthy, so I hope to still have willows.  I do really like them.

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