Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hens and Chicks

It's supposed to rain all weekend.  It's been really cool, too, and Leaf has been molting, so not only is she missing most of her back feathers from the (late) rooster's attentions, but she's also missing her underfeathers now.  I decided that she needs to be back in the coop, so last night, I opened the doors.

The chicks are terrified of the hens.  Leaf seems pretty spooked by the chicks, too.  Crest ignores them unless one gets too close, then she pecks at it, but she doesn't chase.  They are all alive and well this morning, so I think it went ok.  I opened the door to the second chicken yard, and the hens are out scratching.  The chicks aren't brave enough just yet to go outside.  One will go to the doorway, look out, then zip back into the coop.  It's cute.  It hasn't started raining yet, and I don't know that any chicks will get up the courage to actually explore the yard today, but the hens are really enjoying it.  I think it's going to work out all right.

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