Thursday, April 4, 2013

Zoo day

We're really enjoying spring break.  Today we went to the zoo, and the kids were really disgusted with me when they realized that I didn't bring the camera.  Oh, well.  It was cool this morning, and it was nearly empty for the first half of the zoo.  It didn't start to get crowded until we were almost done.  The kids (and I) got to touch an elephant tusk and snow leopard fur.  That was pretty neat.  Also, we got to see an elephant tooth up close.  It's about as big as Lydia's head.

When we got home, I did take a picture of Malachi's outfit for the day.  He came in wearing the Irish soccer outfit, and I pointed out that it's too cold for shorts, so he added the red pants.  He says he should have worn this outfit for April Fool's day, because it looks like Christmas.  Add the skeleton jacket and orange sandals (with socks!) that he wore to the zoo, and he had quite a look going.

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