Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 Well, we went to Tractor Supply today, and now we have chicks:

We bought 20 barred rock chicks, which are straight run (boys & girls), and 10 red sex link pullets (all girls).  This should set us up for great egg production come November or December, and we'll have some roosters for meat, too.  Our current three chickens are in the coop.  The two hens lay eggs nearly every day.  The chicks are in a cardboard box in the garage, and they'll stay there for at least a couple of weeks.  They need the warmth and protection since they don't have a mama hen.  Oh, and the guy at Tractor Supply taught me 3 ways to sex chicks, in case we want to know.  He said he's really not supposed to show people, but it was interesting.  Maybe I could even figure it out myself.  I don't think it would do you much good if you were buying from a place like Tractor Supply, where you don't get to physically pick out your own chicks, but it would come in handy elsewhere, including just for us to know about our own chicks.

And I hope everyone had a happy Easter.  We sure did.  

He is risen!

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